Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft                                                                                        German-American Society of

       Westmittelfranken e.V.                                                                                 West Middle Franconia e.V

Email friends


The German-American Society promotes intercultural understanding between Germans and Americans and helps to find email friends.

Through personal exchange you will get to know and possibly love the country and its people. In addition, you can improve your English/American language skills. Personal friendships give you insights into the country, which a website or a guide cannot match.

Emailfriends can help you plan a vacation, give you valuable insider information, or can even be your native travel guide. They can give you first-hand information about something typically American like Thanksgiving, football etc. - who knows how such a friendship will develop...  

Last but not least, also prejudices can be modified …(e.g. Germany is more than just Oktoberfest and beer drinking ;-)